In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Corinthians 9-11… Paul continues to deal with very specific issues that were problems in the church in Corinth.

As Christians, we do not have the right to give up our freedom, because that was purchased by Christ; but, we do have the freedom to give up our rights.  In ch.9, Paul compares Christian ministry to fighting a war, caring for a vineyard, tending a flock, and cultivating a field… none of which are easy, and all of which require sacrifice.

Paul’s one great desire was to do what was necessary – without compromising his principles – in order to reach the lost?

What are YOU willing to sacrifice for the cause of Christ?

What difficult thing are YOU willing to do to reach someone for Christ?

What petty thing – or even prominent thing – are YOU willing to set aside or do without in order to allow another to draw closer to Christ?


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