In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Corinthians 12-14… Paul continues to deal with specific problems in the church in Corinth; specifically worship and how we do church.

As part of answering their questions, Paul gave them the solution to everything.  The answer to every problem is love!

Imagine the church family as God is leading it to be:

A family in which no one gets annoyed.  A family in which no one gets provoked.

A family in which each one respects the other.  A family in which each one looks for ways to honor the other.

A family in which everyone celebrates with the one who does well… and is rewarded for it.  A family in which everyone believes the best about and focuses on the best in others.

These would all be good definitions of love.  But, they are also indicators of why love is necessary… because no one can live up to such a standard.  This is the family God is leading every church to be; but, because no church is quite there yet, love is required.

It’s easy to get distracted by lots of other things that we tend to think are important: gifts/talents, supernatural experiences, learning new things, being active in missions, etc.  But, as good as those things are, none of them will last.  Those are all just things that should be part of our lives as Christians.

Focus on love.  If you focus on nothing else, focus on love.


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