In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Corinthians 5-9… Paul continues to describe authentic Christian ministry.

Paul appealed to the Christians in Corinth – almost begging them – to separate themselves from those who would hurt them spiritually.  Why is this so tough for Christians to do?  Why do we try to hold Christ with one hand while holding on to the all the distractions of this word with the other?  Why are we so slow to “cut the cord” on those who are determined to pull us down, rather than lift us up?  And why do we allow such a mentality to become common-place in our churches?

Paul spoke about suffering in the life of Christians.  He says suffering is normal for the Christian life lived for the advancement of the gospel.  Are you “suffering for Jesus”?  Really?  If not, what does that say about the stand you are taking… or not taking?

Paul describes some of what traveling in his shoes is like…

Then, he gives us some deep teaching on what Christian giving should look like.  He describes it as sacrificial generosity… not measured by what you give but by what you have left.  And his description serves as an indictment on what many churches call “giving” today…


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