In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Corinthians 10-13… Paul closes his letter by addressing the danger of false teachers and false teaching.

Paul was very protective of the churches he started and the church families he had gotten to know.  He felt similar obligations as a father would to his children.

He felt it was his obligation to serve as their spiritual father, responsible for:

–  Protection… to fight against those who would try to seduce his spiritual children from the faith, and from faithfulness.

–  Provision… He had sacrificed much for this church, but, sadly, they did not appreciate it.

–  Pain… Paul mentioned his sufferings only to defend the gospel and the authority of his ministry.  The false teachers bragged about their victories; Paul boasted about his trials.

Like a parent, Paul offered protection and provision… and, often, experienced pain because of it.

Are you grateful/appreciative/thankful for the sacrifices made by others for you?

Are you willing to sacrifice for others… even of they do not appreciate it?


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