In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Romans 5-8… we continue to read what a life lived by faith looks like.

Let’s play pretend…

Imagine you were living in the United States, somewhere in the south, during the Civil War.  It doesn’t really matter whether you would see yourself as on the Union side or on the Confederate side.  It doesn’t matter, because you are a slave.

You would never be able to imagine what it was like to be a slave… but, let’s pretend.  Slavery was a terrible thing… and slaves endured terrible things.

So… imagine you’re a slave.

Then, imagine you’re a slave at the end of the Civil War.  And, soon after that terrible war was over, word trickles down to you: you are not now – nor can you ever be again – a slave.  You are now free.  You can walk anywhere you want to walk… and walk away from whatever you want to walk away from.  You can go where you want to go… and do what you want to do.

And Jesus offers a deeper kind of freedom.  While we were slaves to the law, we were constantly reminded we’d messed up… and we were messed up.  But, Jesus broke the chains that kept us leashed to the law and our sinful tendencies.  And, when we trusted Him for our salvation, He restructured the inside of our hearts.

And, as Christians, we are free.  Free to be who God created us to be.  Free to be the best we that we can be.  Free to shrug off the past… and free to discover all the many ways we can please God as His sons and daughters.

Imagine what it might be like to live free… to live free under the smile of God.


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