In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Acts 20:4–23:35… we wrap up Paul’s 3rd missionary journey.

When we read of Paul’s ministries, we sometimes get wrapped up in the black & white events.  But, at every stop along Paul’s journeys, he met people… people who became a part of Paul’s story.  If you have time, follow Paul’s steps on a map… and check out who he met – and who was with him – at each stop along the way.

As Paul wrapped up his 3rd missionary journey (his last official missionary tour), he didn’t realize it but life was about to change.

Paul had made lots of friends, but he’d always had enemies… there were many Jews who did not appreciate the fact he had converted from their way to Christ’s.  There were Jewish zealots who had bound themselves with an oath to kill Paul.  Then, of course, there was the Roman government… and the irrational directives that were mandated by irrational Caesars.

Like a well-written drama, we can see the actions and activity maneuvering Paul toward an eventual showdown.  But, this wasn’t just a well-written drama, this was the biography of Paul’s life.

You may not realize it – because you’re living in it, but God is writing a story in and through your life as well!  So, as you turn each page, trust Him.  And make sure your story is the kind of story that will encourage those who read it!


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