In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Acts 24-26… we see Paul before some very important government officials.  And Paul shared his faith in Jesus with everyone of them he was called before!

– Paul had seen the Light.  In his anti-Christian days, Paul had been on his way to Damascus to arrest Christians.  But, he got interrupted by Jesus!  And Paul became a Christian!!  Paul discovered his religion was out-of-date; his zeal on God’s behalf was only hurting God; Jesus was alive; and Jesus had a job for him to do.  Paul’s life was changed; it would never be the same.

– The Gentiles Needed to See the Light.  All of Paul’s religious training and education and zeal would be dedicated to the spreading of the gospel among Gentiles.  Lost sinners re spiritually in the dark… and only Christ can give them the Light.

– King Agrippa rejected the Light.  The king tried to discredit the message by accusing Paul of not being in his right mind, and he tried to minimize his own rejection of Christ with a nonchalant attitude.  He was “almost” persuaded, when he should have jumped in all the way!

Charles Spurgeon: “Almost persuaded to be a Christian is like being almost pardoned, but hanged; like being almost rescued, but burned in the house.  A man that is almost saved… is damned.”


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