In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Ephesians 1-4… we read words of encouragement from Paul, and a reminder that God is bigger than evil.

Paul understood that most of the battles we face and fight are not physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual.  And, if Paul were pressed, he would easily say these battles – ALL battles – are spiritual battles.

We determine how big the size of the arena we ‘re fighting in by answering these 2 questions:

–  Who is God?

–  Who are we?

If God is absent… aloof… arbitrary… uncaring… irrelevant, then it’s no wonder people ignore Him.  If we are only a chemical reaction, or a cosmic mistake, or a reincarnated rerun… we will not see ourselves nearly as valuable as God sees us.

Paul asked God to help his people understand the truth that God cares and that all people – ANY person – can have hope.  This fallen world is not forever, and God is building something better.  This world’s bullies are no match for God.  They will show themselves diminished by God’s presence; even the biggest bully of all – Death.

We can know God in our minds… using logic and reason.  But, we can also know God with our hearts… in an intimate way, feeling Him deep inside.


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