In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 1Timothy 1-6 (the whole letter in one sitting)… we read Paul’s advice to a young pastor named Timothy.  Paul’s letter still serves as the best guidebook for pastors today.

Timothy was a child of a mixed marriage.  He was raised in a Godly home, and came to trust Jesus Christ as his Savior through the ministry of Paul.  Paul added him to his small team, making him on of his special assistants.  Paul mentored him… and taught him… and counseled him.  Them when Paul thought he as ready, he sent Timothy to pastor the church in Ephesus.

First Timothy is a ministerial letter, telling pastors and congregations how they should conduct themselves within the church.  Paul stresses preaching and receiving the truth… prayer… and appointing qualified leaders.  He closes his letter by giving advice on how to deal with different groups within the church.

I encourage to read this letter in one sitting.  Then, after doing so, thank God for your pastor.  And thank God for your church family.  And, whether you are a pastor or part of the lay family, ask God to help you be the best part of your church you can be!


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