In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Hebrews 1-4… we begin reading one of the few books of the Bible of which we don’t know the author.  We know God transcribed it, but to whom?  The letter was written to Jewish believers who were tempted to abandon their walk with Christ and go back to the structure of a religious system.

This letter sounds more like an Old Testament book than some books actually in the Old Testament!  It was obviously written by someone very familiar with the Old Testament system and structure.

The author may be unknown, but the point of the book is clear: “Let us go on to spiritual maturity”.

A key word in this letter is the word “better”.  The writer will remind us Jesus is better than angels… and better than Moses and Aaron.  Jesus has a better priesthood… a better covenant… a better sanctuary… and a better sacrifice.  Jesus also gives people a better life, a life of faith.

As you read this letter, ask yourself: Do I spend more time looking back at what my life used to be than I do looking forward to what God has for me now?  Am I pushing forward, living by faith?  Am I wandering in a wilderness of works, or am I resting in God’s finished work through Jesus?


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