In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Timothy 1-4… we read the past letter we have that Paul wrote.  It follows his first letter he wrote to a young pastor named Timothy with some very practical advice and teaching… and closes by revealing more personal info about himself than we have almost everywhere else about Paul put together.

Paul had been freed from prison (he had been arrested for making too big a deal of Jesus!), but his freedom didn’t last long.  He was arrested – again, and was taken to Rome for trial,… and was eventually executed (sometime after the book of Acts ended).

Paul wrote this letter to Timothy to encourage him to remain strong in the Lord… to explain how to react to the perilous times they were living in… and to urge him – practically begging him – to get to Rome to be with Paul as soon as he could.

It was a difficult time for Paul… the most difficult time of his life.  Not only was he facing a trial… and almost certain death, but he had also been abandoned by many believers who should have been standing with him.  His statement in 4:4-6 is one of the greatest confessions of faith in the whole Bible!

As you read this letter – especially the last chapter – your heart will hurt for Paul as he asks for personal items to be brought to him, and for personal friends to stick with him.


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