In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… 2Peter; Jude… we read some pointed words about false teachers, and their false teachings.

When Peter wrote his second letter, he was very aware his death was imminent… and that the church was in danger because of false teaching.  He urged Christians to hold tight to the Word of God, and to continue to grow deeper in their faith.  He encouraged them to identify – and shun – false teachers.  And he reminded them to keep the Second Coming of Christ ever in their hopeful sights.

Jude was a half-brother of Jesus Himself (same mother, different fathers)!  He also focused on false teachers:

–  Who They Are  (v.1-4)  Unsaved, ungodly, and unprincipled people who used grace as an excuse to sin.

–  What They Do  (v.5-11)  They rejected the authority of God.  They used religion as an excuse to make money.

–  What They Are  (v.12-16)  They are the equivalent of rainless clouds and fruitless trees… not good for much.

–  What We Must Do  (v.17-25)  Remember the Word!  Build yourself up in your Christian faith!


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