In today’s (chronological) Bible reading… Revelation 1-5… we start what is possibly the most discussed, and most misunderstood, book of the Bible.

By this point, John, the author (actually, the one to whom God revealed this vision), was an old man.  He had been exiled to the island called Patmos because of his faith.  These were the circumstances in which he received the Revelation.

The centerpiece of this book is Jesus.  Living, breathing Jesus.  Though his servant, John, was in exile and seemingly at the mercy of others, Jesus was fully in command of everything, including death and Hell itself.

God’s people were on Jesus’ mind as He showed up to speak to John.  He was concerned about the people in the churches of that day… and ours.  He had a message for us, and He wanted to make sure it was written down to preserve it for all of us to read today.

Jesus’ message for us was simply this: Even though our lives may be turned upside-down, God hasn’t forgotten us.  God has things under control.  No one gets away with evil forever.  We, His children, will be rewarded for our faithfulness.  God, Himself, will take charge of our wayward planet, and He will bring His powerful presence right her to earth.  Things will be set straight.


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