As the first son of Adam & Eve, Cain became the third person to live on the earth… the first person born on the earth.  Together, with his parents, he began to care for the earth and became a farmer.  But, soon, Cain – once the greatest achievement of Adam & Eve – became a scourge when he murdered his own younger brother, Abel… the first murder.

            The Bible does not give a specific reason for the murder of Abel.  We assume the motives were jealousy and anger due to God rejecting his offering, while accepting Abel’s. 

            This murder was, of course, sin… and brought terrible consequences on him and those around him.  He killed his brother, then lied about it to God.  God drove Cain away from his family – away from farming – to the land of Nod.  He became a fugitive and a wanderer.

            We have no record that Cain ever repented of his sin, yet God extended grace to him by placing a mark of protection on him… the “mark of Cain”.  It was a sign for other people (extended family who would be born and would inhabit the earth) to leave him alone, but also served as a reminder that God cares for all people – even the worst of us.

LifeAPP:        God never quits on anybody!


            Cain’s story is found in Genesis 4:1-17.

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