Cain and Abel were 2 sons of Adam and Eve.  Cain is described as a crop farmer and his younger brother, Abel, as a shepherd.  Cain was the first human born and Abel was the first human to die.  Cain committed the first murder by killing his brother.

The Bible does not give a specific reason for the murder of Abel; it is assumed the motives were jealousy and anger due to God rejecting his offering, while accepting Abel’s.

There is much we do not know about the circumstances of Abel’s death or the reason for it.  If anger & jealousy were the reason, were those emotions/sins present already?  Is that the reason Cain’s sacrifice was rejected?

Heb. 11 tells us Abel offered a more acceptable sacrifice than his brother because his sacrifice was offered in faith.  Many look at God’s acceptance/rejection based on the gift that was offered (animal sacrifice vs. fruit from the ground).  But, the problem was not the gift that was given – they were both giving offerings to God; the problem was the attitude with which they were given.

LifeAPP:  When you give what you give, how would you describe your attitude in giving?


But, why murder?  Why death at all?  Why cancer?  Why war?  Why fatal accidents?

Why Abel?  Why anyone?  Why you?  Why me? 

Abel’s tragic death reminds us of the evil that is all around us… of lives lost for reasons we can’t explain.  Abel’s death begs for God’s moral judgment… for God to make things right again.

And that is why God gave Jesus to the world.

LifeAPP:  Jesus is God’s answer to Abel’s why.

               Jesus is also the answer to the why you’ve been asking.


            Abel’s story is told in Genesis 4.


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