We are told in Gen. 5:24: “Enoch walked with God; and he was no longer, because God took him.”  This simple statement is quite a statement.

            But, what does it mean that he “walked with God”?  What does it mean that God “took” him?  Most believe he “walked with God” by living a godly life in close communion with God.  As a result, Enoch was taken to Heaven without experiencing death.

            In the New Testament, the book of Hebrews (11:5) tells us Enoch had the testimony among people that “he pleased God”.

LifeAPP:        Could it be said that you “walk” with God?  What might that look like?

                        If you were to “please” God, what might that require?


            When you measure faithfulness to God, you can’t do it in terms of days… or even weeks.  Enoch’s faithfulness stretched out over 300years!  He spent a LOT off time with God!!

LifeAPP:        If your life were to be summarized in 3 or 4 words at the end of this day, what                              would be said?  What would your epitaph say?

                     *  Faith lives one day at a time… for a lifetime.


            Enoch’s life story is told in Genesis 5:18-24.


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