Lamech was the son of Methuselah, and father of Noah.  He lived at a critical point in human history – just before God wiped the world clean with a flood.

Of all those listed in the genealogy that connects Adam – through Seth – to Noah, Lamech is the only one quoted (Gen. 5:28,29); and his quote reveals how much things had deteriorated since the perfection of the Garden of Eden.

Lamech placed his hope in his son, Noah, who he said “will comfort us”.  Lamech’s words proved true, but not in the way he suspected.

A few years after Lamech died (graciously, before the Great Flood), God appeared to Noah and told him to start building an ark to reserve his family and a sampling of the animals during a judgment that was coming.  That might sound like a strange way to bring comfort, but it paved the way for mankind’s first covenant with God.


Imagine being the father of a famous person… of an important person.  Then imagine yourself being the father of Noah!

Many parents have high hopes and expectations for their children, just as Lamech did.  But, though God’s plans for our children are not always the same as ours, His plans are always best!

And, though most children bring their parents great joy, we must keep our affection and expectations concerning our children in perspective.  The ultimate source of hope and joy is always found in God… for ourselves AND our children!

            Lamech’s story can be found in Genesis 5:28-31.


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