Noah lived during a time of rapidly accelerating depravity. During his time, “every inclination” of the human heart had turned evil – much to God’s anguish.

As a “righteous man”, Noah stood in marked contrast from the rest of civilization. Noah “walked with God”, while the rest of humanity was walking in the opposite direction.

Put yourself in Noah’s sandals…. You see the world around you becoming more and more evil. Then God tells you He is going to judge the earth. You think: It’s about time something was done about all this wickedness! Then God tells you to begin building a boat/container large enough to house you whole family, and also representatives of each species of the animal kingdom!

Acting on nothing but faith, Noah built the ark to God’s exact specs. 2 times we’re told Noah did “all” or “everything” just as God commanded.

When Noah built the ark, he demonstrated faithfulness, obedience, and patience.

2Peter 2:5 calls Noah a “preacher of righteousness”, implying that – as he hammered and sawed – he warned friends, neighbors and strangers of the judgment to come.

The rain began to fall (possibly for the first time ever!), and the earth began to flood. We read of the occupants inside the ark… and the ordeal outside the ark.

“But God remembered Noah.”

We read of Noah’s Search… and Noah’s Surveillance… and Noah’s Summons from the ark… and Noah’s Sacrifice… and Noah’s Sign from God (the rainbow).


God promised we will never again have the need to build an ark. But, God still asks us to do certain things our society might not understand… or might criticize.

* The formula for pleasing God is simple (and still the same): Trust and Obey.


At the end of Noah’s life, we also read of Noah’s Shame. Noah wasn’t perfect. He showed a lack of self-control when he got drunk on wine from his own vineyard. Yet, when the Bible summarizes his life, Noah is called a righteous man who walked with God – in sharp contrast to all others of his day.


If someone today were to sum up your life in a sentence or 2, what would he/she say about you? What is your reputation? What are you known for? What would be in the first sentence of your obituary?

If you’re brave enough, you might ask these questions of a trusted friend.

* How you live determines how you will be remembered.


You can read Noah’s story in Genesis 5:28—9:29.


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  1. msinop1 says:

    Excellent!!!! Just excellent! God Bless you!

  2. msinop1 says:

    Reblogged this on Walking in Faith and commented:
    This is a wonderful reminder, of what God asks of us. To “Trust” and “Obey”. Obeying God is going to look very different, from what the world is doing. This is a good check and balance.

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