I. The Villains (Genesis 14:1-11)

5 Canaanite city-states (including Sodom & Gomorrah) rebelled against Chedorlaomer, king of Elam. “Ked” gathered 3 surrounding king-friends, and we see another first in the Bible – warfare on a massive scale. Ked & his buddies defeated the armies of the 5 city-states, plundering their cities, and carrying away many people as slaves.

This event might have little Biblical importance if not for 1 of the victims who happened to be carried away…

II. The Victim (Genesis 14:12)

Lot, Abraham’s nephew, who was living in Sodom, was one of those taken away to be a slave.

III. The Victory (Genesis 14:13-16)

When Abraham heard of Lot’s capture, he made up an army of 318 household servants and rode out to rescue Lot. Abraham divided his rag-tag army, and initiated a sneak-attack at night, coming at the massive army from all sides.

Ked was defeated, and Lot was rescued.


Like so many powerful people in the Bible, Ked is an example of someone who may have been more powerful than all the powerful people around him, but was still no match for someone backed by God!

* Always make sure you’re on God’s side!


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