Have you ever felt so alone that it seemed like no one cared whether you lived or died?  Hagar knew that feeling… twice!

Hagar was the maidservant of Sarah, the wife of Abraham.  God had promised Abraham and Sarah they would have many descendants, but, because Sarah was “well past child-bearing years”, Sarah had not been able to get pregnant.  Sarah came up with her own Plan B… which involved the socially accepted practice of allowing her maidservant, Hagar, to get pregnant with Abraham and have a baby for Sarah.

I think the common term today would be “baby mama”.

Hagar did sleep with Abraham… and did get pregnant by Abraham.  And, as a result, Hagar began to look down on Sarah… and Sarah began to mistreat Hagar in return.  It should have been easy to see this was a problem-situation; it had trouble written all over it!

Eventually, Hagar ran away to the desert to escape.  Along the way, God spoke to her and told her to go back to Sarah; He would raise up her child to become the father of a great nation – though this great nation would NOT be the people of Israel.


Escape is often the most tempting solution to any problem.  In fact, escaping can become a habit.

But, have you ever experienced a time when God blocked your exit?  For your own good??

God wants us to face our problems… with His help!

We see God’s provisions most clearly when we find ourselves in times of trouble.

Are there any problems in your life for which you’ve been using the “Hagar Solution”?  Choose one of those problems, and ask for God’s help… and begin to face that problem today.

*  Run TO God with your problems, not FROM Him.


A while after Hagar gave birth to Ishmael, Sarah became angry with her again… and Sarah sent her away into the desert with Ishmael.  When Hagar ran out of water, and prepared for Ishmael to die of thirst, God appeared to her again… and re-stated His promise to make Ishmael into a great nation.  He revealed a nearby well to her… and she and Ishmael were saved from certain death.


There are times in life when we may be mistreated by others.  We may even feel like no one cares what happens to us.  But, God always sees us!  And God always cares!!


You can read Hagar’s story in Genesis 16-21.


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