Birth of Zebulun… Genesis 30:14-20

We return to Leah (after Rachel had 2 sons birthed to her, by proxy, through her maidservant). She gave birth to a 5th son… then a 6th… Zebulun.

His name comes from 1 (or more) of 3 possible sources:

1) zebed… “gift”; in reference to Leah’s view that her 6 sons were evidence of God’s blessing on her.

2) yizbeleni… “honor”‘ in reference to Leah’s hope God would give her honor now that she had given him 6 sons.

3) “dwelling”… in optimism that Jacob would “dwell” with Leah since she had given him 6 sons.

Blessing by Jacob… Genesis 49:13

Sounds like the Zebulunites would be positioned by the sea… but they weren’t. Zebulun’s tribe would have constant contact with the sea.

See Joshua 19:10-16. A land-locked area in lower Galilee, which included Nazareth, and which was criss-crossed by trade routes.

Blessing of Zebulun’s Tribe by Moses… Deuteronomy 33:18,19

Zebulun’s tribe was assured success in commercial dealings, including sea trade.

See 1Chron. 12:23-38 for tribal census counts: Judah (6,800); Simeon (7,100); Levi (4,600); Benjamin (3,000); Ephraim (20,800); Manasseh (18,000); Issachar (200+); Zebulun (50,000); Naphtali (38,000); Dan (28,600); Asher (40,000); Reuben/Gad/Manasseh on east side of Jordan (120,000). Other than the 2-and-0a-half tribes on the east side of the Jordan, Zebulun’s tribe counted as the most!


Zebulun’s name means “gifted” or “honored”… Does it appear Zebulun was? Does it appear his descendants were?

What do you think a life would look like if it were “gifted”?

What do you think a life would look like if it were “honored”?

Your answers to these 2 questions say a lot about what you value!


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