Jochebed was a risk-taker.  The Bible doesn’t give us a detailed biography of her, but it does reveal some of the courageous choices she made.

Conditions for God’s people in Jochebed’s time were harsh and hopeless.  They were oppressed by the Egyptians… without mercy.  They were slaves!

Jochebed already had 2 young children when an edict was announced… ordering all Hebrew male babies to be killed at birth.  Jochebed took decisive action to protect the life of her third child… a son.  These risks sometimes go unnoticed:

–  She risked punishment by defying the Pharaoh’s orders and letting her son live.

–  She secretly hid her baby for 3 months (Ex. 2:2).

–  She risked her baby’s life by putting him in a floating basket in the Nile.  She could not have known if this daring act would result in her baby being lost downstream, being discovered and killed, being drowned, being eaten by a Nile crocodile, or being discovered and spared.  She could not know… but if she did not risk it, her baby was promised a certain death.

–  She risked exposure by having Miriam, her daughter, watch the basket… and then approach the Egyptian princess with an offer of help.


Consider Jochebed the parent…  It is always difficult for a parent to let go of a child.  But, if you are a parent, learn from Jochebed and realize that entrusting your child to God’s care is the best security you can have. 

Pray for their safety and well-being, and trust in God’s promises.

*  When you’re confronted with an “impossible” situation, is there a better choice than trusting God?


These were bold choices, but not reckless choices.  She had faith God would intervene and save her “fine baby” (Ex. 2:2).


Faith can be risky.  We don’t know what other risks Jochebed may have taken… or how those risks turned out, but we do know that in this case God fulfilled His plan for the Hebrew people because of the risk she took.

Doing what is right isn’t always easy… and it can be accompanied by a fair amount of risk.  But, when faith-based risks and God’s plan coincide, the results can change the world.


You can read Jochebed’s story in Exodus 2; 6; Numbers 26; Hebrews 11.


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