Imagine what it must have been like to have been the sister of Moses…!

See Exodus 2:1-10… At her mother’s request, Miriam hid her baby brother, Moses, by the side of the Nile River to evade the Pharaoh’s order that newborn Hebrew boys be killed. She watched as the Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the baby… and decided to adopt him. Miriam then suggested to the princess that she find a nursing mother for the child, and suggested Jochebed (Moses’ mother). So, as a result, Moses was raised by his own mother! Moses grew up familiar with his background as a Hebrew, but was also raised in the Pharaoh’s palace… receiving the best education and cultural training money could buy.


It looked like the worst possible situation for Moses… until, in God’s plan, it turned into the best possible situation! And, that might also be what God is working in/through/around you!!


Miriam was alert to God’s opportunity when it arose. She was a quick thinker… and a quick responder.

If God were to open that great door of opportunity for you today, would you be prepared for it?


Miriam & Moses were separated for almost 40yrs when Moses ran away from Egypt as a fugitive wanted for murder. But, God reunited them – with their brother, Aaron – and made them the team who would lead His people out of slavery and to the Promised Land.

See Exodus 15:20,21… Miriam is called a prophetess, and sang a brief victory song when Pharaoh’s army was drowned in the Red Sea.


She is the first female prophet mentioned in the Bible, and used her gifts as a prophet/leader/singer/poet. She served God with everything she had!

Do you?


See Numbers 12:1-15… Miriam objected to the marriage of Moses to a Cushite woman (not necessarily a 2nd wife; may have been a description of Zipporah) which made her guilty of complaining/gossip/slander/backbiting.

God heard her… and called the 3 siblings to the tabernacle. God told them Moses had much more authority than Miriam & Aaron; He chose to speak to Moses face-to-face, rather than through dreams (as He evidently did to the other 2).

Miriam was struck with leprosy as punishment. Aaron asked Moses to intercede for her… and Moses spoke a 5-word prayer: “O Lord, make her well.” And she was healed from the irreversible disease within 7days.


It is sometimes difficult to watch others seem to be more successful than we are… sometimes more so when it is a brother or sister.

Miriam stood by as Moses was raised in the luxury of Pharaoh’s palace. She watched as God used her little brother to lead the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery. She stayed at the bottom of Mt. Sinai with the rest of the people, while Moses got to go up the mountain and have a face-to-face discussion with God. Moses was always in the spotlight; Miriam was always part of the supporting cast.

Rather than accepting her place in God’s plan, and serving with gladness, Miriam became resentful… envious… bitter. She & Aaron attacked Moses’ choice of a wife… but, quickly got to the real complaint: “We’re God’s servant, too! Don’t forget all we’ve done, also!” It was obvious rebellion against the leadership of Moses (God’s man), and God quickly put a stop to it by inflicting Miriam with leprosy.

We are simply led to serve in the place where God has put us… with the abilities He has given to us. Instead of worrying about others, we should be concerned with our own faithfulness.


See Numbers 20:1… When the Israelites on their journey to the Land of Canaan came into the wilderness of Zin , and the people stayed at Kadesh, Miriam died and was buried there.


You can read Miriam’s story in the books of Exodus & Numbers.


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