Zipporah was 1 of 7 daughters of Reuel/Jethro, the priest/prince of Midian.

While the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt, Moses killed an Egyptian who was striking a Hebrew… and became a fugitive wanted for murder. Moses ran from Egypt… and arrived in Midian.

See Exodus 2:16-22… Moses ran, through the desert, for over 100miles, to the land of Midian. While he rested by a well, he saw 7 women – sisters – caring for a flock… and also fighting bullying from the men-shepherds. Seeing their trouble, Moses chased the bullies away, and proceeded to water the flock of the girls.

Their father, Reuel (who would eventually be known as Jethro), rewarded Moses’ kindness by inviting him to live with them… and, eventually, giving his daughter, Zipporah, to him in marriage. Zipporah married a fugitive… a man wanted for murder.

But, her adventure with this man was just beginning!

See Exodus 3:1,2; 4:18-20… After all the men in Egypt who had ought his death had died, God told Moses to return to Egypt. Moses and his wife (and the 2 sons they now had) started their journey back to Egypt.

See Exodus 4:24-26… On the road, they stayed at an inn, where a mysterious – and much-debated – incident featuring Zipporah took place. The Bible says God came to kill Moses! To stop that, Zipporah quickly circumcised their son, Gershom, with a sharp stone, and threw an accusation at Moses. Why? See Gen. 17:10-14; Moses had evidently put off circumcising his son, violating God’s command as part of their covenant agreement. Maybe he hadn’t done it because Zipporah had objected…

Moses would learn that disobeying God and incurring His wrath is more serious than anything that can come from people… whether wife or pharaoh.

See Exodus 18:1-7… After Moses successfully led God’s people out of Egypt, and won a battle against Amalek, Reuel/Jethro came to the Hebrew camp in Sinai… and brought Zipporah & their 2 sons, Gershom & Eliezer, with him.

The Bible doesn’t say when Zipporah & her 2 sons went back home… or why. It is assumed it was for their safety…

Zipporah’s death is not recorded, though Miriam’s, Moses’ sister’s is.


Imagine what it must have been like for Zipporah… married to Moses (only one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known)…


You can read Zipporah’s story – off and on – throughout the book of Exodus.


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