Exodus 38:23…  Oholiab was an engraver/designer/weaver… skilled in the use of blue, purple, and scarlet thread (all so rare, no mistakes could be allowed)… skilled in the manufacture and use of fine linen (also very rare).

There may have been times Oholiab was mocked for his skills and profession… until the day God said, “I have need of him.”

LifeAPP:  Each of us has a gift(s) God has given to us to use for His glory and our satisfaction.


Exodus 31:6; 36:1,2…  Along with his giftedness, God also gave Oholiab wisdom and understanding.

LifeAPP:  When we use our gift(s), that is a great thing.  But, when we use our giift(s) endowed with God’s wisdom and understanding, that’s even better!


As Bezalel & Oholiab were seen using their gifts endowed with God’s wisdom & understanding, others took notice.  And their hearts were “stirred” by what they saw.  And they also wanted to be a part of what God was doing.

LifeAPP:  When we use our gift(s), endowed with God’s wisdom and understanding, others will notice… and they will also want to be a part of what God is doing!


Exodus 35:34…  These 2 men were not only skilled in their work – and also in doing their work in a way others would want to do it with them – they were also skilled in teaching others how to do it with them!

LifeAPP:  What we see in Oholiab is the ultimate disciple!

– He figured out what his gift(s) was/were and used it/them!

– He allowed God to help him with wisdom and understanding in the use of his gift(s).

– He used his gift(s) with excitement & passion; so much so, others want to work the work with him.

– He taught others what he knew to do.

In other words, discipleship.


In a time when most heroes were thought to be men like Moses, Aaron, Joshua, or Caleb, Oholiab stands out as a different kind of hero.  He was also someone we could be like!

When Oholiab left Egypt with his fellow countrymen as part of the Exodus, there is no way he could have imagined God could – or would – use his unique skills/talents/abilities in this way.  How could he?  At that point, they had no idea what a tabernacle was… much less how his skills could be used to build one.

But, it was evident God gave him his skill… and, when he was asked to put his skill in God’s hands, he made his skill available.

All through the Bible, we see God loves to use unexpected resources for purposes we could never have imagined.  Our purpose is to do as Oholiab did: to make whatever skills/talents/abilities we have available to God for Him to use through us.


You can read Oholiab’s story in Exodus 31; 35; 36; 38.


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