Eliezer (“God is Help”) was the second son of Moses and Zipporah.

Both Gershom and Eliezer were born during the time Moses had taken refuge in Midian and had married Jethro’s daughter, Zipporah.

When parents choose names for their children today, the usually pick names for family association, or because they sound distinctive or pretty.  But, in Bible times, names often served as landmarks that corresponded to a time in a family’s life.

After Moses became a fugitive, running away from Egypt and the Pharaoh, he married Zipporah.  They had a son named Gershom (“stranger”, “cast out”).  Moses was evidently thinking of what he had lost…

But by their second son, Eliezer (“God is Help”), Moses must have been more optimistic.  Moses was now able to see the many ways God had helped him.  God had spared Moses’ life as a baby.  Moses acknowledged the miracle of being found and raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter.  Moses could see how God’s hand guided toward successfully escaped certain judgment from the Pharaoh.  He could now see how he had been protected by God as he fled across the desert of Sinai.  He could describe how God had led him to a new home in Midian… and how God had given him a successful occupation and a loving family.

While Moses could have continued to look at all he had lost, he, instead, reflected on all God had given to him!


Moses’ life – as illustrated by the names of his sons – shows that, when life is tough, we still have the opportunity to choose how we look at things.  That’s called perspective.

Moses could have spent his final years complaining about all her had lost.  Instead, Moses chose to see God’s hand of protection and help.  And, every time he called out his second son’s name, he was giving a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

You have the same opportunity to choose your perspective.

How has God helped you?


You can read Eliezer’s story in Exodus 18.


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