Exodus 6:23…  Birth of Ithamar, Aaron’s fourth son.

Exodus 28:1…  As Priest

While Nadab & Abihu were prematurely cut off for offering “strange fire” before the Lord (Lev. 10:1,2; Num. 3:4; 26:61), and Eleazar was appointed priest & chief of the Levites & succeeded their father, Aaron… Ithamar was made treasurer of the tabernacle offerings and site supervisor (Num. 4:28,33).

See Exodus 38:21…  Administrator of the Tabernacle

God chose Aaron’s sons to be responsible for the care of the tabernacle.  God gave careful instructions for the orderly dismantling, moving, and setting up the large worship tent each time Israel moved.

Ithamar got the detail work.  It was his job to ensure everything was put in its proper place.

See Numbers 4:24-33; 10:21…  Site Supervisor

Ithamar oversaw the Gershinites & Merarites when the tabernacle, curtains, posts, and bases were taken down, moved, and reassembled.


Ithamar’s 2 older brothers, Nadab & Abihu, apparently decided the details could be overlooked.  They treated God’s instructions in a disrespectful way and were killed for their insolence.  But, Ithamar was determined to do “all the things the Lord commanded.”

Considering the many details found in the Law concerning the tabernacle, Ithamar must have been a meticulous man.  He knew what God wanted done and he knew how God wanted it done.  He served God with the proper care and attitude.


Ithamar reminds us how important it is to obey God… even with the “small stuff”.  God wants us to be completely, thoroughly holy people, not just a close approximation of what a disciple ought to be.

Take a look at your own life… and see if there is any area in which you have failed to follow God’s instructions.  Then, resolve to let the Holy Spirit bring those areas into alignment with God’s will.

*  When it comes to obedience, sometimes the “small stuff” matters  most!


You can read Ithamar’s story in Exodus 6; 28; 38; Numbers 4; 10.


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