Of all the stories you were told as a child in Sunday School, this obscure story of Balaam and his talking donkey is probably one you remember.

It’s more than just a story for children, though; it’s an incident that clearly points to the power and supremacy of God!

Biblical and archaeological evidence confirm that Balaam was a well-known prophet in the ancient world.  When Balaak, king of Moab, felt threatened by the Hebrews, he called on Balaam.  He hoped to hire Balaam to put a curse on the Hebrews.

Balaam was a spiritual person, but we have no indication he was a prophet of the One True God.  But, it does seem he knew of God’s power… and feared Him enough to turn down Balaak’s first request.  When King Balaak persisted – with a bribe – Balaam agreed to meet him… and do as the king paid him to do.

But, while on his way to Moab too pronounce his curse, he was blocked… by an angel with a flaming sword, and a talking donkey that alerted him he was in trouble; see Num. 22:27,28.

With a stern rebuke and a severe warning, God encouraged Balaam to continue on his journey.  And, when he reached his destination, he remembered his encounter with God.  Instead of cursing the Hebrews, he blessed them 300 times instead!


Balaam’s story shows us how the power of God trumps the evil intent of others.  If God can use a talking donkey and a selfish seer, He can use anyone or anything to accomplish His plan – even unwilling or unusual participants.

And, He can do in you – and for you – beyond what you might imagine.  So, hang in there.  Your blessing may be just around the corner!


You can read Balaam’s story in Numbers 22-24.


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