Zelophehad’s daughters pioneered significant changes in the rights of Hebrew women.

Traditionally, Hebrew culture directed the property of a family to be passed down only through male heirs.  Women, on the other hand, generally remained in the protection of their own families or were married into the protection of another family.  But, nestled in the pages of the book of Numbers, we’re told of Zelophehad’s daughters.  Their story reveals God’s concern for women and a noteworthy change in how women were treated as heirs.

Zelophehad was a Hebrew who lived during the time of the exodus from Egypt.  While wandering with the people in the wilderness, God blessed him with daughters before he died… but no sons (Num. 27:1-11).  As the people approached the Promised Land, Moses & Eleazar began plans to parcel out land assignments to the men of each Hebrew tribe, clan, & family.

Since Zelophehad’s family did not have a male heir, his land allotment was likely to be lost.  BUT, the daughters – women! – boldly approached Moses and asked him to consider their case.  They said, “Why should the name of our father be taken away from his clan simply because he had no sons?  Give us a possession of land among our father’s brothers” (Num. 27:4).

I’m sure Moses must have had hundreds – maybe millions! – of concerns related to leading millions of people, but he took time to bring these women’s request to God… and God responded favorably to their appeal.

This gift of land became legal precedent and was yet another indicator of the inherent value of women as well as men in God’s kingdom.


You will sometimes hear people say God – and the Bible – have a demeaning attitude toward women.  Those who say that do NOT understand God nor the Bible!

No religion has ever valued women more than Christianity does!

No organizational structure values women more than the church does!

No book has ever truly valued women like the Bible does.

No god has ever – or ever will – valued women like God has through Jesus Christ!

God loves all women (just as He does all men), and sent His one-of-a-kind Son to die for all women (just as He did for all men), so that all women (and all men) can reach their highest potential.

What could express more value than that???


You can read the story of Zelophehad’s Daughters in Numbers 27.


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