Joshua 2:1…  The Bible’s first mention of Rahab.

What better place for 2 strangers to town to stay – with little suspicion – than the house of a prostitute?  Her house was built into the city wall.

I.  Rahab’s Assistance to Israel’s Spies

– The Spies’ Danger…  Joshua 2:2,3

– The Spies’ Deliverance…  Joshua 2:4-7

Word must have got out concerning these 2 men; who they were and what their intentions were.  But, Rahab hid the 2 spies under bundles of flax that were drying on the roof, then lied to the soldiers who came looking for the 2… sending them on a wild goose chase.

If she had turned these strangers over to the soldiers, she would have been generously rewarded for protecting her city.  if she did not, and the king learned of it, she would be executed.

She had a choice to make and, at this point, the choice she made makes no sense.  We are not yet told of her motivation…


II.  Rahab’s Assurance from Israel’s Spies…  Joshua 2:8-13

– Rahab’s Petition…  Joshua 2:8-13

Rahab took a risk for God.  She believed Yahweh was the One True God, and she wanted to be on the winning side of the coming battle.


Living for God involves taking chances… and can be risky.  He asks us to surrender our lives to Him… to trust Him completely.  He sometimes asks us to do the uncomfortable… even dangerous.  But, regardless of what we face, we can trust Him in it!

– The Spies’ Promise…  Joshua 2:14-21


Real faith is more than words; it also calls for action.  We prove our faith in God by how well we follow His instructions.  Our faith should be as obviously seen as a scarlet rope hanging from a window.


Joshua 6:22-25…  Jericho falls.

Rahab didn’t have to wait long to see if the spies would keep their word.  Less than a month after their visit, God’s people walked around the city for 7 days… and, on the 7th day, Jericho’s walls fell down flat.

Matthew 1:5…  Part of Jesus’ genealogy, Rahab was the great-great-grandmother of King David.

Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25…  Rahab’s eulogy.



From a human perspective, Rahab might have been the last person we would expect the Bible to speak favorably of:

1)  She was a Canaanite, a pagan people who were full of idolatry.

2)  She was a prostitute.

3)  She was a liar, who deceived her own people/leaders, and helped “the enemy” escape.

4)  She was a traitor, who helped orchestrate the overthrow of Jericho.

But, from God’s perspective, she was the perfect pick:

1)  She was open to the fact of Him!

2)  She was open to obeying and trusting Him!

3)  She was willing to live by faith!

*  God is always more concerned with who we are with Him than who we were before Him!


You can read Rahab’s story in Joshua 2 & 6.


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