Lots of foolish things happen as the result of drunken binges; the result is often disaster.  Such was the case with a man named Gaal, in the time of Israel’s judges.

All we know about Gaal is that he was the son of a man named Ebed, and that he and his brothers moved into the area of Shechem sometime around the time that Abimelech had become leader of that part of Israel.  Gaal must have been a man of some influence, also, because he was able to stir up the leaders of Shechem against Abimelech during a harvest festival when they were eating and drinking in the temple of their god.

While Gaal was busy boasting about what he would do to Abimelech, though, the governor of the city told Abimelech of Gaal’s intentions.  When Abimelech advanced on the city in the morning, he drew out Gaal and his men, and killed them in battle.

The next day, Abimelech ruthlessly attacked the people of Shechem for supporting Gaal, and the very short story of Gaal and his ill-conceived idea came to an end.


You could cite many examples of tragic results of drunkenness… just as I could.  Your local news will not go many stories into any given night’s report before it mentions a story that results from the abuse of drugs or alcohol.

So, why do we abuse alcohol and/or drugs?

Why do we consider it such a part of our society… and societal activities?

Try this… make a list of as many things as you can think of that are positives of alcohol or drug abuse.

Then, make a list of as many things as you can think of that are the tragic results of alcohol or drug abuse.

The negatives will ALWAYS far outweigh the positives.  ALWAYS.

So, let’s take steps to eliminate drunkenness and drug abuse from our lifestyles.  ALL of us!


You can read Gaal’s story in Judges 9.


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