Little is mentioned in the Bible about Ibzan… making him what some consider to be a “minor” judge.

It is assumed that no important events took place during his time as judge.


Ibzan was a judge of Israel for 7years after Jephthah of Gilead.  Ibzan was from Bethlehem.  He had 30 sons and 30 daughters… suggesting he was very wealthy and a man of much influence.

He properly arranged for each of his children to marry someone from “outside”… giving his daughters away to men from “outside” his clan, and bringing in women from other clans to marry his sons.  You may remember the family hierarchy: immediate family, extended family (clan), tribe, & nation.

By marrying his sons and daughters to families outside his own clan, Ibzan must have broadened his sphere of influence within his own tribe… elevating his status… which may have led to his installment as judge.


This was certainly not God’s preferred method of choosing leaders; God doesn’t look at how “important” we are on the outside, but on how committed to him we are on the inside.

Yet, this is another example of God’s ability to make a bad circumstance good.


You can read Ibzan’s story in Judges 12:8-10.


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