Some people will do anything for money.

Delilah was even willing to turn over her lover, Samson, to his worst enemies.

Delilah lived in the Valley of Sorek during the time of the judges of Israel, when powerful Samson was wreaking havoc on Israel’s oppressors, the Philistines.  This key valley linked the Israelites with their enemies, so it was an area of constant conflict.  The Bible never tells us of Delilah was a Philistine or an Israelite, but she did prove to be disloyal to Samson and harmful to Israel.

Samson was an Israelite and a Nazirite from birth, meaning he had been specially dedicated to God.  He was not supposed to drink alcohol, touch unholy things, or cut his hair.

Samson eventually fell in love with Delilah… and the Philistine rulers saw in her an opportunity to get to Samson. 


I.  The Bribe…  Judges 16:4,5

They offered to pay her a huge sum of money if she could find out – and tell them – the secret of Samson’s strength.  She agreed…


II.  The Betrayal…  Judges 16:6-19

Delilah tried 3 times to get Samson to tell her his secret.  But Samson lied to her each time.

Maybe it seemed like a game to Delilah… beauty versus brawn.  Samson, though much stronger than Delilah, would become putty in her hands.

Eventually, though, Samson told her where his strength came from: his Nazirite vow, which was confirmed by his long hair.

Delilah sent word to the Philistines, who came and cut Samson’s hair while he was sleeping.  When Samson awoke, his amazing strength was gone, and the Philistines took him away captive.

Eventually Samson would regain his strength for one last act, which would destroy many Philistines… as well as himself.


Delilah is a lesson in how NOT to win friends and influence people.  She used people.  She was not interested in developing friendships.  She was in every relationship – every situation – for herself.

Do the opposite of Delilah and you’ll probably be on the right track!

Are you the listener people around you need?

Are you the steady friend few people have?

In your relationships with other people, try to focus less on your troubles and more on the potential of this day for God to bless you.

*  Deceive people and they will abandon you.  Encourage people and you will be surrounded by a crowd of friends!


You can read Delilah’s story in Judges 16.


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