Samuel was the last of the Hebrew judges, and the first of their major prophets. He connected the 2 eras. He anointed the first 2 kings of Israel: Saul & David.

I. Family… 1Samuel 1:10,11,20-24,27,28

Samuel’s mother was Hannah; his father was Elkanah. When we are first introduced to Hannah, she is unable to have children. She prays for a child, becomes pregnant, and is blessed with Samuel. His name means “God Was Heard”.

After Samuel was weaned, Hannah took him to the tabernacle and left him in the care of Eli, the priest… dedicated to God just as she promised.


How do you view your children (assuming you have a child/children)? As gifts from God? As borrowed treasures? As responsibilities entrusted into your care? All of those would be proper, biblical views.


II. Calling… 1Samuel 3:1-18

It’s one of the favorite stories of children in Sunday School… reminding them – and us – that God sees us and calls to us.


III. National Prophet, Local Seer… 1Samuel 3:19–4:1a

IV. Leader of Israel… 1Samuel 7:3-6,12,13,15

V. Retirement

– Israel cries out for a king… 1Samuel 8:1,3-7,9

– Anointing Saul as king… 1Samuel 9:14-17; 10:1a

– Samuel’s final words to the people as a whole… 1Samuel 12:1-5


Samuel was able to say, “Examine my record. If I have done any wrong, tell me now!”

Would you have the courage to stand before your classmates, co-workers, neighbors, family members, church body, and/or community and ask these same questions? If you were running for public office, would you be concerned that the media would sift through your past and report whatever they found?

* A good reputation is worth a lot!


– God rejects Saul as king… 1Samuel 13:8-14

* Saul’s Presumption (v.8,9)

* Saul’s Punishment (v.10-14)

– King Saul’s partial obedience… 1Samuel 15:1-3,9-11,13,14,22,26,35

– David is anointed as future king… 1Samuel 16:1,10-13


VI. Death… 1Samuel 25:1a

VII. Afterlife… 1Samuel 28:3-7,11,15-17



Samuel didn’t often get to deliver good news. In fact, it was usually terrible, hard-to-hear news. But, sometimes bad news must be shared… and a good friend will share bad news when it must be shared. To do anything less is to not be a good friend.


You can read Samuel’s story in 1Samuel 1-28.


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