Gad was a prophet.

He was one of the personal prophets of King David of Israel and some of his writings are believed to be included in the Books of Samuel.

Let’s look at 3 occasions of Gad’s wise advice:

– With David in the Cave of Adullam  (1Samuel 22:1-5)

He is first mentioned in 1Sam. 22:5, telling David to return to the land of Judah.


– Confirming King David’s Sin of the Census  (2Samuel 24:1-17)

The most notable Biblical reference to Gad is in 2Sam. 24:11-13, many year later.  David has now been firmly established as king; in fact, his reign is drawing to an end.  David ordered a census to be taken of the people.

After David confessed his sin of taking a census, God sent Gad to David to offer his him choice of 3 different punishments.

*  The Project  (v.1,2)

*  The Protest  (v.3,4)

*  The Particulars  (v.5-9)

Numbering the people was usually done for purposes of taxation or for military draft.  When David took a census, it wad done for 1 of 2 reasons:

1)  Pride

2)  Security

Regardless of why David did it, it was seen as sin by God; Davud was putting his faith in numbers rather than in God.  See 1Chron. 21:1-4.

*  The Prayer  (v.10)

Almost 10months passed before David realized his sin.  But, when he did, he prayed a prayer of confession and asked for forgiveness.

*  The Punishment  (v.11-15)

David knew God was more merciful than People are, so he wisely took the 3rd option… putting things in God’s hands.

*  The Pardon  (v.16,17)


–  Advising King David to Buy Land  (2Samuel 24:18-25)


Our best friends give us their best adviceat times that really matter.  A friend who will tell us the truth we don’t want to hear will be of greater value than a dozen friends who just tell us what we want to hear.

Are you a friend who gives goodd advice?

Are you one who appreciates good advice when you hear it?

*  Good advice begins with being honest.


You can read Gad’s story in 1Samuel 22 & 2 Samuel 24.


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