I. Solomon (1Ki. 11)

– His Disobedience (11:1-40)

* The Causes (v.1-8) Polygamy & Paganism

* The Consequences (v.9-40)

1) Future Civil War (v.9-13,26-40) Read v.11-13.

God promised the kingdom would be taken away from Solomon and given to one of his servants. For David’s sake, God waited until Solomon died… and, even then, one of his sons became king over one of the tribes.

A. Solomon & Jeroboam (v.26-28) Read v.28.

Jeroboam was an Ephraimite… a mighty man… a capable builder and leader of men. So, Solomon enlisted him to serve as a work-force leader.

B. Jeroboam & Ahijah (v.29-40) Read v.29-32.

We get the impression Jeroboam was just minding his own business, serving his king, when the prophet, Ahijah, told him her would one day be king of Israel! That didn’t happen every day!!

Read v.35-38.As an object lesson, Ahijah took the cloak he was wearing, tore it into 12 pieces, and gave 10 pieces to Jeroboam… representing the 10 tribes who would be part of the northern kingdom (Israel)… all but Judah & Benjamin.

Read v.40.Jeroboam fled to Egypt to escape Solomon’s anger toward him.

2) Foreign Enemies (v.14-25)

– His Death (1Ki. 11:41-43) Read v.43.


II. Rehoboam (1Ki. 12:1-24) Read v.1,2.

After Solomon’s death, Rehoboam was the new king over Israel.

Rehoboam was asked by the people (represented by Jeroboam), and advised by the royal advisors who had served under Solomon, to lessen the workload and hardship put on them by Solomon’s excessive taxes. Rehoboam asked his friends for advice… who told him to make a statement of his own by coming down even harder on the people than his father did! Rehoboam, sadly, followed the poor advice of his friends rather than the wise advice of others.

So, the 10 tribes renounces Rehoboam as their king… and named Jeroboam as their king; just as the prophet said would happen.


III. Jeroboam (1Ki. 12:25–14:20)

– His Apostasy (12:25-33; 13:33,34) Read 12:26.

This is where the problem started…

* v.27-30a…He built 2 golden calves and put them in 2 different cities in the N. Kingdom.

* v.31…He appointed non-Levites as priests.

* v.32…He instituted his own religious festival.

– His Altar (13:1-32)

* The Prophecy… v.1-3.

As Jeroboam offered a sacrifice on the pagan altar, a young, unnamed prophet foretold that a future king named Josiah would one day burn the bones of these very priests on that altar (and he would!).

* The Proof… v.4,5.

A crack in the altar… the crippled hand.

* The Pleas… v.6-10.

The young prophet restored King Jeroboam’s hand, but refused to be rewarded by him… because God had not told him to eat with Jeroboam.

* The Prophet (v.11-32)

His error in judgment… which led to his own death.

– His Announced End (14:1-20)

* His Deception (v.1-18)

A. The Plot (v.1-3)

Jeroboam told his wife, the queen, to disguise herself… visit the prophet, Ahijah… and find out if their sick son would recover.

B. The Perception (v.4,5)

Before the queen arrived, God told Ahijah – who was old and almost blind – who his coming visitor was.

C. The Prophecy (v.6-18) Read v.6-18.

Ahijah told the queen of Jeroboam’s coming judgment for his evil:

1) His son would die… along with all his other sons.

2) The N. Kingdom would eventually be taken into captivity.

* His Death (v.19,20) Read v.19,20.

Jeroboam died after being king for 22years.


Jeroboam seems to have had a good start… but a poor finish.

Finish well!


You can read Jeroboam’s story in 1Kings 11-14; 2Chronicles 10-13.


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