The dynasty of Jeroboam, king of Israel, came to an abrupt end with his son, Nadab.

More than 20years before Nadab’s reign, his father, Jeroboam, had revolted against King Solomon.  According to the prophet, Abijah, God intended to punish Solomon’s idolatry by allowing the kingdom to split in two.  The N. Kingdom (Israel) would go to Jeroboam, who was offered the chance to build a lasting dynasty to match David’s… if only he would devote himself fully to God.

But, King Jeroboam, Nadab’s father, had other plans.  He came to the conclusion that – if his people continued to worship God in the temple in Jerusalem (S.Kingdom) –  their loyalties might revert back to David’s line.  So, he made 2 golden calves for Israel to worship, setting a precedent that would haunt the country for the remainder of its days.

As a result, Jeroboam forfeited the prospect of a lasting dynasty; his family’s hold on the throne ended with the brief tenure of his son, Nadab, who reigned for just 2years.

See 1Kings 14:7-16.


During the reign of Asa, king of Judah, 5 or 7 different kings reigned in Israel.


See 1Kings 15:25-30.

King Nadab committed the same idolatrous sins his father had committed.  So… while attacking a Philistine stronghold in the southwest part of his kingdom, Nadab was assassinated by a man named Baasha, one of his own military commanders.  This was the fulfillment of a prophecy made to his father years before; unlike the S.Kingdom, the N. Kingdom would have no lasting dynasty.


The life-warnings were there for Nadab to see.  He could have learned from the life and death of his father, Jeroboam.  He could have learned from the life and death of his brother, Ahijah (1Ki. 14:17,18).  But, he did not.

Do you learn from the life-warnings of those around you?



Nadab’s wrong-living led to a shortened life.  If he had done as his counterpart to the south (King Asa) had done, would his reign have been as long?  Nadab chose to walk “in the way of his father” rather than walk in the way of his Father.  He encouraged the worship of idols.  He hindered his people from going to temple worship of the One True God.  He sinned along with his people.  So, God brought his reign to a quick end.

Does a life that honors God lead to a long life?  Not always.  But, it does mean that every minute that is lived will be a fuller minute!  And living life that dishonors God often causes us to do stupid things that shorten our lives.



Nadab’s death was not a sad event.  The people were so unaffected by his death, his army chose his murderer as his successor!

Live in such a way that people are affected by your death!


You can read Nadab’s story in 1Kings 14:7-16; 15:25-30.

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