Jehu, the son of Hanani, was a prophet to both Israel (the Northern Kingdom) & Judah (the Southern Kingdom) in the 9th century BC.

The Bible only attributes 2 prophecies to Jehu, but these prophecies show us that he was unswerving in his faithfulness to carry out his prophetic duties.

–  Jehu with King Baasha of Israel  (1Ki. 16:1-5,7,8-12)

*  The Faithful Messenger… v.1-5

*  The Fearful Message… v.7

*  The Fateful Mess… v.8-12

Baasha was a wicked king who promoted idolatry throughout Israel.  Because of Baasha’s wickedness, Jehu announced that Baasha’s family would all die humiliating deaths.  This prophecy came true several years later, after a man named Zimri assassinated Baasha’s son, Elah… and took over the kingdom… and killed off Baasha’s entire family!


–  Jehu with King Jehoshaphat of Judah  (2Chron. 18:28-34; 19:1-7)

The Context… 2Chron. 18:28-34

*  The Faulty King… 2Chron. 19:1-3

*  The Fruitful King… 2Chron. 19:4-7

Years later, Jehu prophesied again… this time against Jehoshaphat, who was generally regarded as a good king in the Bible.  But, Jehu had stern words for Jehoshaphat because he agreed to join forces with wicked King Ahab of Israel to fight the Arameans.  Jehu prophesied that the “wrath of the Lord” was upon him, thogh it’s not clear what exactly this meant.  Even so, Jehu recognized that Jehoshaaphat had done many things well.  And, it was possibly Jehu’s prophecy that steered Jehoshaphat away from a possibly disastrous end.


Jehu was no respecter of persons.  He faithfully called sin “sin”… no matter if it was being committed by the very wicked or the very righteous.

While we should be tactful… and respectful… and loving with other people, we should also recognize sin when we see it.  And we should point out what righteousness would look like.


You can read Jehu’s story in 1Kings 16:1-12; 2Chronicles 18:28–19:7.


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