The reign of King Jehoram of Judah, son of Jehoshaphat, was a low point in the history of Judah.  His reign was marked by sin and cruelty.  He married a woman who worshiped idols; he killed his 6 brothers; he allowed – and even promoted – idolatry through pagan worship.

Jehoram’s marriage to Athaliah, daughter of wicked Ahab & Jezebel, was Judah’s downfall; Athaliah brought her mother’s wicked influence into Judah, causing the nation to forget God and turn to Baal worship (2Chron. 22:3).


The Bible is very clear in this…  Marriage plays a very significant role in determining the direction of our life; see 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

For Jehoram, his marriage to Athaliah led him to practice all kinds of idolatry and wickedness, even though he had been raised by a good and godly father, who wholeheartedly worshiped the Lord.

We should make sure we consider a person’s relationship with God as a crucial factor in our choice of a spouse… or in our childrens’ choice of a lifemate.


Jehoram was not killed in battle… or by treachery; he died of a lingering and painful disease (2Chron. 21:18,19).


Punishment for sin is not always immediate or dramatic.  But, if we ignore God’s laws, we will eventually suffer the consequences of our sin.


The people of Judah willingly followed Jehoram’s leadership… and errors.  But, by the time he died, they were sick of him.  The Bible says his tomb was placed apart from the respected tombs of the kings.  The people had chafed under the consequences of Jehoram’s sin, but blamed their suffering on him rather than accepting their own responsibility for their sin. 


Are you tolerating sin by blaming its presence on someone else?

Don’t take the easy way out – own up to your own wrongdoing and get right with God.

*  When we join with others in sin, we must also bear the responsibility for the consequences.


You can read Jehoram’s story in 2Kings 8:16-24; 2Chronicles 21:1-20.


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