It can sometimes be difficult to keep Bible-people straight in your mind; Ahijah & Abijah, Elijah & Elisha, Jehoahaz & Jehoash & Joash, Pekahiah & Pekah, Ahab & Ahaz, Jeroboam 1 & Jeroboam 2, Jehu & Jehu, Jehoram & Jehoram, Ahaziah & Ahaziah & Amaziah, etc.  Today, we focus on Ahaziah; not the king of Israel, but the king of Judah.

Simply by looking around at those around you, you could attest to the old adage: danger lies in wait for those who walk with the wicked (Ps. 1:1,6).  In Ahaziah’s case, that danger became a reality.

To be fair, the deck seems to have been stacked against Ahaziah from the beginning, because he was born to Athaliah… who seems to have been the daughter of the wicked King Ahab (2Ki. 8:26).  By arranging for his daughter to marry King Jehoram of Judah, Ahab sealed a political alliance that gave him the upper hand between the two powers.  As a result, the next few kings of Judah – including Ahaziah – were forced to team up with the kings of Israel on several ventures.

But, Ahaziah had a choice.  It was his decision to make; he could follow the path of his evil relatives or he could follow the path of God.  He chose to follow the wicked path of his wicked ancestors… and it would cost him his throne and his life.

As Ahaziah was visiting the wounded King Joram of Israel during one of those ventures (a battle at Ramoth-Gilead), Jehu, an official in the army of Israel, killed both kings!  And, then, killed 42 of Ahaziah’s relatives who were also visiting Joram (2Ki. 9,10)!

Ahaziah’s reign was brought to an abrupt end after 1 year.


When we are given a choice, it is often wise to consider the advice of others.  But, it is equally wise to consider the source of the advice before we ask for the advice.  In other words, we sometimes need advice as to where to go for advice!

God will provide Godly people for Godly persuasion… but the choice to listen is always ours to make.

*  Consider the source before you follow the advice.


You can read Ahaziah’s story in 2Kings 8:25—9:28; 2Chronicles 22:1-9.


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