You’ve probably heard the saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes”.  What that means is that when REAL trouble comes, even the most anti-God person will look to a Higher Power for help.  Then, sadly, after the trouble has passed they might go back to denying God exists.  We humans tend to be weak and hypocritical that way…

Maybe this was the case with Jehoahaz, who “sought the Lord’s favor” when he was suffering oppression from the Arameans, but continued to allow idolatry to flourish in Israel (2Ki. 13).

Jehoahaz was the son of Jehu, the Israelite commander who assassinated his king and became king in his place.

–  The Rebellion… 2Ki. 13:1,2,6

The Bible makes it clear that Jehoahaz’s reign was characterized by evil and wickedness… because he sinned in the same way his ancestor Jeroboam1 did – by allowing idolatry to be practiced in Israel. 


–  The Retribution… 2Ki. 13:3-9

Because of this, God allowed the Arameans under Hazael & Ben-Hadad to gain supremacy in the region and oppress Israel.

Though the Bible doesn’t make it clear exactly how it happened, God provided a deliverer for Israel against the Arameans when Jehoahaz “sought the Lord’s favor… for he saw how severely the king of Aram was oppressing Israel” (2Ki. 13:4).  This deliverer may have been an Israelite leader, or it may have been another leader, such as the king of Assyria, who attacked Aram and caused them to withdraw from Israel.  However it happened, the people didn’t get it… and continued to practice idolatry.


It’s almost impossible to fathom how ungrateful we can be to God… and for God.

We boldly proclaim “independence”… until our decisions and actions get us into trouble; then we “fall back” on “Plan B”.  God.

And, for reasons He often does not explain, He chooses to bail us out.  And, too often our response is to take credit for our recovery… and go back to doing things our own way.

Again… it’s almost impossible to fathom how ungrateful we can be to God… and for God.


You can read the story of Jehoahaz in 2Kings 13:1-9.


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