When we see people who seem to have everything in life – lots of money, a great career, good health – it’s tempting to think God might like them better than us.  But, the story of King Jeroboam 2 should show us that material blessings do not automatically mean approval from God.

–  Jeroboam 2’s Sinfulness (2Ki. 14:23,24)

Like Jeroboam 1 – who was king of Israel long before Jeroboam 2 – he also did “evil in the sight of the Lord”.


–  God’s Sovereignty (2Ki. 14:25-29)

Yet, his reign seems to have been very successful in every other way.  He reigned for a lengthy 41years, and his domain expanded considerably under his rule, virtually doubling in size (2Ki. 14).  He consolidated the N. Kingdom as the prophet Jonah predicted he would  (2Ki. 14:25). 

But, the prophets Amos & Hosea tell us what was really happening in Israel.  Jeroboam 2 and his government ignored the need for justice and compassion.  As a result, the rich became rich and the poor became poorer.  The people became self-centered, relying more on their own power, security, and money than they relied on their God.


The Bible doesn’t say anything about Jeroboam 2 suffering and great difficulties during his reign (although the prophet Amos apparently prophesied that he would die by the sword [Amos 7]).

So, does this mean God actually approved of Jeroboam 2?  Or that He really didn’t care whether he was evil or not?  No!  Rather, God allowed all these things to happen because of His deep love for His people, not His love for Jeroboam 2’s behavior (2Ki. 14:26,27).


As with ancient Israel, many times what appears to be God’s tolerance of evil is actually a demonstration of God’s mercy.  See 2Pet. 3:9.


You can read the story of Jeroboam 2 in 2Kings 14:23-29.  He is also referred to in the books of Hosea & Amos.


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