Imagine reading through the personal ads, and reading of someone seeking “unfaithful female, likely to have affairs”.  Who would be looking for someone like that?  Who would want to marry someone like that?  Yet, that’s exactly the kind of woman God told Hosea to marry!  His marriage would serve as an object lesson about Israel’s unfaithfulness to God.

Hosea was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom; Israel.  His intimate knowledge of that land suggests he was probably from there.  At some point in his life, God commanded him to marry an adulterous wife, and she bore 3 children… and he could not be sure they were all his (Hos. 1)!

Hosea showed faithful, determined love for his wife, Gomer… even after she left him and the children for another lover!  He went so far as to buy her back from her lover and offered the chance to be faithful to him once again (Hos. 3:1,2).

All of Hosea’s actions toward Gomer served as an illustration of what God had experienced with Israel, His covenant partner.  Though God was faithful to Israel, the people were unfaithful to Him and chose to give themselves over to idolatry and wickedness.  God sought to bring them back by sending prophets to warn them of the consequences of their sin.


God often required extraordinary obedience from His prophets.

God may, at times, ask you to do something difficult and extraordinary, too.  If He does, how will you respond?  Will you obey Him, trusting that He who knows everything has a special reason for His request?

*  God desires us to be faithful to Him… no matter what He asks of us.


You can read Hosea’s story in the Old Testament book of Hosea.

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