Gomer (not Pyle, but prophet’s wife) was a woman most of us would not want to know… yet she reminds us so much of ourselves, in so many ways she shouldn’t.

Hosea’s prophecy is the longest of the “minor prophets”.  His ministry lasted somewhere between 30-40years.

Hosea was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom – Israel.  They were deep into idolatry – Baal worship, but were also guilty of every other kind of sin you could think of.  Hosea would be the last prophet to record anything before the Assyrians came and ransacked them.

The Israelites would be represented by a prostitute named Gomer, whose name is only mentioned once in the whole Bible!  And Hosea’s story with Gomer may be the most unexpected, most unlikely story in the whole Bible!!

I.  The Command  (Hos. 1:1,2)

God told Hosea, His prophet (and we would presume a godly man in God’s will) to marry a prostitute.  That’s an unthinkable request!  He found Gomer… and married her.

I wonder if Hosea assumed – at first – she might learn to love him… to stay with him… to stay away from the life of sin he had rescued her from.  But, it was not to be.

She was a prostitute when Hosea found her, and, evidently, that tendency stuck with her.


II.  The Children  (Hos. 1:3-9)

She gave Hosea 3 children… though #2 & #3. were in question as to whether or not they were his children: a son, Jezreel (“Scattered”, “God Sows”); a daughter, Lo-ruhamah (“No Mercy”); and a son, Lo-ammi (“Not Mine”).


III.  The Corruption  (Hos. 2:2)

Homer, who was a prostitute before marrying Hosea, now becomes an adulteress wife.


IV.  The Chastisement  (Hos. 2:3-5)

God says He will severely punish Gomer… Israel… if she does not repent.

– He will deal justice for what she has done.

– He will pursue His people passionately.


V.  The Confinement  (Hos. 2:6,7)

Hosea tries to wall Gomer in, preventing her from returning to her sinful ways… but to no avail.

Hosea knew ahead of time that his wife, Gomer, would be unfaithful to him… and that their marriage would be a painful parallel of God’s relationship with Israel.

But, Gomer didn’t know any of that.  What was her reaction when this man of God plucked her from her life of sin – that she evidently enjoyed – and made her his wife?  She wasted no time testing the boundaries of Hosea’s love.  But, we haven’t yet seen the low point for Gomer…


VI.  The Compassion  (Hos. 3:1-3)

It may have been days… weeks… maybe even months since Hosea had seen Gomer.  He was at home, trying to be a father to those 3 children.

Then God told Hosea that Gomer would be sold in the slave market, where her sinful lifestyle had led her.

So, Hosea went o the slave auction… and bought back the one who was already his!



If you have time, go back and re-read Hosea’s story; but, this time, every time you see the word Hosea… insert the word God; every time you see the name Gomer… insert God’s people – or, better yet, your own name!

We are probably not known as prostitutes… and we certainly would not think of ourselves in that way.  But, if we’ve ever turned to anyone before we turned to God… or turned to anything before we turned to God… or tended to make decisions as though we are God… we have been Gomer!

Let’s consider some of the ways we might be like Gomer was:

– Have you ever strayed from your level of faithfulness to God and His covenant with you?

– Check every area of your life to see if you’re being faithful to God.  Are you close to Him?  Have you ever been closer?  Are you stagnant?  Are you running from God?

– Have you ever sensed God calling you back to Him… to be faithful to Him again?

*  Praise God for being so faithful to you!  If we are Gomer, He is Hosea… and His love for us goes far beyond the distance we could run from Him.


You can read Gomer’s story in the book of Hosea… especially in ch.1-3.


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