See 2Kings 15:29,30.

Hoshea conspired against King Pekah of Israel; he organized a coup against him, killed him, and took the throne.

Hoshea must have been a gambler.  To organize the overthrow of a throne was a very risky move to make.  That is living dangerously.  Huge risk, huge reward.

But, the risk of his move was multiplied when you realize the Assyrians had already captured much of Israel’s territory, and had already deported many of the people to Assyria.  Hoshea must have known he was taking over a kingdom that was on the ropes with Assyria.  He was a risk-taker…

I.  Conspiracy of Hoshea against Assyria  (2Ki. 17:1-4)

Hoshea continued to take risks – both for himself and for Israel – when he sent ambassadors to Egypt to try to get their support against Assyria.

Assyria had been demanding tribute money – “pay or die” money – and Hoshea was tired of it.  So, he tried to get Egypt to come alongside him and, together, they would stand against the big bully, Assyria.  Egypt told Israel yes.  Israel then told Assyria no.  Then, when Israel pointed over their shoulder to Egypt… Egypt wasn’t there.

II.  Captivity of Israel, the Northern Kingdom  (2Ki. 17:5,6)

The Assyrians came and laid siege against the capital city of Samaria… for 3years.  Finally, Israel had to hand themselves over; Assyria claimed them, and deported many of the Israelites to cities far away.

Hoshea was taken, and put in prison.  What happened to Hoshea… when or where he died… is unknown.

III.  Causes of the Captivity  (2Ki. 17:7-41)

See v.7-9,12-14,15,18.

Life in Samaria, mixed with other people…

v.33… “They feared the Lord” as they also served other gods.

v.34… “They do not fear the Lord” enough to follow His ways.

LifeAPP:  How can these 2 statements be said and practiced at the same time?  They cannot.


You can read Hoshea’s story in 2Kings 15:30; 17.


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