Sometimes wicked people wield great power; check out some of the leaders around the world today.  Sometimes these evil people seem to be winning.  But, we should always remember that God is WAY more powerful than any human being.  This is true today… and it has always been true.  It was true concerning King Sennacherib of Assyria, the greatest power the world had ever known to that time!

Up until the reign of King Sennacherib, the Assyrian Empire appeared to be unstoppable.  It was gobbling up practically everyone and everything in its path… the entire civilized world of the Near East; it had annexed the Northern Kingdom of Israel, too.

After King Hezekiah of Judah refused to submit to Assyria and pay the tribute that had been demanded, King Sennacherib came and attacked the towns of Judah.  Nearly all the fortified cities of Judah had fallen to Assyria – except for the capital city of Jerusalem.  The Assyrians were besieging the city… and Hezekiah and his people were desperately crying out to God to save them (2Ki. 18:13—19:34).

God answered their prayers!  He sent an angel throughout the Assyrian camp – killing 185,000 troops in a single night!!  As a result, Sennacherib broke camp and returned to Nineveh, where his own sons killed him (2Ki. 19:35-37).

Such is the amazing power of God.


Sometimes the odds seem way stacked against us.  Sometimes it seems that all hope is lost.  Sometimes it seems the bad guys are going to win.

But, keep the faith.  Our God is a big God!  And nothing happens unless He allows it… and it fits into His plan and purpose!!


You can read Sennacherib’s story in 2Kings 17-19; 2Chronicles 32.


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