Josiah’s grand-dad, Manasseh, was an evil king.  His dad, Amon, was a bad king.  When Josiah was 8years old, the people rose up, and killed his father… and made Josiah king!

Others took charge of governing until he was ready, but when he was ready to rule with help… what a difference he made!  When he became king all on his own – at age 16 – he had a plan…

I.  The Campaign Is Launched  (2Chron.34:1-7)

At age 20, he removed idols.  Intense.  Zealous.  Thorough.  A one-man wrecking crew.

Q – Do you think this was easy to do?  Do you think it was a popular thing to do?  Some may have loved it, but most hated it.


II.  The Construction is Started  (2Chron. 34:8-13)

At age 26… after the negatives were done away with, he started to work on the positives.  He began to restore the temple.


III.  The Covenant Is Renewed  (2Chron. 34:14-33)

During the renovation of the temple, Hilkiah, the high priest, discovered a scroll.  When Josiah heard God’s Word read, he responded in the way we should today… he saw himself in it.


God’s Word is a mirror in which we should see ourselves.  If we’re where we should be, we enjoy God’s pleasure in His Word.  If we’re not, we must repent.

* God didn’t give us His Word just to give us knowledge… but to change our lives!


Josiah knew the people weren’t where they should be, and he was horrified!  He took God’s Word personally!!


IV.  The Call Is Sent Out  (2Chron. 35:1-6)

Worship of God – in particular, the Passover – would begin again.


V.  The Contributions Are Made  (2Chron. 35:7-9)

The more of God they experienced, the more of God they wanted… and the more they wanted to do for Him.


VI.  The Ceremony Is Conducted  (2Chron. 35:10-15)


VII.  The Celebration Is Completed  (2Chron. 35:16-19)


VIII.  The Casualty of War  (2Chron. 35:20-27)

Necho only wanted to move his army through Palestine, on his way to war with others… but Josiah didn’t believe him.


Even men who are good most of the time and right most of the time… are fallible, and can sin.  And sin always has consequences.


National repentance was Josiah’s goal… but the results were short-lived.


You can read Josiah’s story in 2Kings 22:1–23:30; 2Chronicles 34:1–35:27.


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