It’s a story you might read about on any given day: Someone speaks out against obvious sin, and is then attacked by public opinion… or political correctness.  But, in this case we’re not talking about something that happened yesterday… but about 2,600 years ago!

Let’s take a look at Baruch, the personal scribe and assistant of the prophet Jeremiah, who showed his faithfulness by willingly risking his life to record and recite Jeremiah’s messages from God.

Baruch may have come from a noble family; it appears he was related to a staff officer who was exiled to Babylon along with all the other leading families of Judah (Jer. 51:59).  But, his high position did not deter him from linking his fate to that of Jeremiah, who was often harassed and even imprisoned by Judean leaders because they didn’t like his messages of God’s judgment.

We first hear of Baruch when he helped Jeremiah with the process of purchasing a plot of land in his hometown.  After that, Jeremiah dictated a message of divine judgment for the nation of Judah and he told Baruch to read that message to the people of Judah while they were gathered at the temple.

So, Baruch did.  And the message of bad news led the king to put out an order for the arrest of Jeremiah… but also Baruch (Jer. 36)!  The insults, threats, and abuse directed at Jeremiah often spilled over on Baruch.  Jer.45 records a special memo from God to Baruch.  Apparently Baruch had been feeling sorry for himself; his future seemed in doubt.  His life was at risk simply because he was Jeremiah’s secretary, but his life was also at risk if Jeremiah’s prophecies came true for Judah!  God’s word to Baruch was simple and straightforward: “You’re in safe hands with Me” (Jer. 45:5)

God kept them hidden, and eventually Baruch went with Jeremiah to Egypt… along with the other exiles who were escaping the wrath of the Babylonians (Jer. 43:1-7).

The Bible does not record anything further of Baruch after he went with Jeremiah to Egypt, but early tradition says he died shortly after he got to Egypt.

In 1975, a seal of Baruch was believed to have been discovered.


Uncertainties in the world around us are often distressing.  That is why certainties and promises are important.

There will be times… maybe even today… when you will not understand the things you see, hear, or feel.  In those times, remember God’s memo to Baruch… and trust the Who you know more than what you thought you knew.

*  Remember in the stormy times what God told you in the calm times.


You can read Baruch’s story in Jeremiah 36:1-32; 43:1-7; 45:1-5.


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