Gabriel (“God Is My Strength”) is an angel who typically serves as a messenger sent from God to certain people.

In the Bible, Gabriel is mentioned in both the Old & New Testament.

In the Old Testament, he appeared to the prophet, Daniel, delivering explanation of Daniel’s visions; Daniel 8:15-26;9:21-27.

In the New Testament – in the Gospel of Luke – Gabriel appeared to Zechariah, and to the virgin Mary, foretelling the births of John the Baptist and Jesus, respectively; Luke 1:11-38.  It is assumed that Gabriel is also the angel that appeared to Joseph in Matthew 1:18-25, though he is not named.


In Islam

According to the Quran, God sent the Quran to the prophet Muhammad through His angel, Gabriel.  Gabriel is named many times in the Quran.

In Muslim tradition, Gabriel is considered one of the primary archangels.  Muslims believe Gabriel was 1 of the 3 angels who earlier informed Abraham of the birth of Isaac.

Of course, the Bible makes no mention of any of this.


In Mormonism

In Mormon theology, Gabriel is believed to have lived a mortal life as the prophet, Noah.  The 2 are regarded as being the same individual; Noah being his mortal name and Gabriel being his heavenly name.

Of course, the Bible makes no mention of any of this.


So… let’s look at what the Bible says about Gabriel:


I.  To Daniel

–  His First Visit

*  His Identity… Dan. 8:15-19

*  His Information

1)  About the 2-Horned Ram… Dan. 8:20

He says it represents the Medo-Persian Empire.

2)  About the 1-Horned Goat… Dan. 8:21,22

He says it represents Greece, which would break into 4 parts after Alexander the Great.

3)  About the 3rd Creature… Dan. 8:23-27

This probably refers to Antiochus Epiphanes 4, who would defile the temple in 167BC… as a foreshadow of an event during the Great Tribulation.

–  His Second Visit

*  His Mission… Dan. 9:20-23

*  His Message

God will accomplish His purpose during a specified number of years.

1)  The Number… Dan. 9:24

70×7=490 years, beginning from the time off rebuilding the walls in Jerusalem.

2)  The Nature

a.  First Period… Dan. 9:25

49 years, during which Jerusalem would be rebuilt.

b.  Second Period… Dan. 9:26

434 years, at which time the Messiah would be crucified.

c.  Third Period… Dan. 9:27

7 years, referring to the Great Tribulation.


II.  To Zechariah, announcing the birth of John the Baptizer…  Luke 1:11-25


III.  To Mary, announcing the conception and birth of Jesus the Christ…  Luke 1:26-38


(IV.  To Joseph, announcing the conception and birth of Jesus the Christ… Matt. 1:18-25)

This may not have been Gabriel, but it seems he was the one in the message-bearing business at this time!


You can read Gabriel’s story… as it is written so far… in Daniel 8,9; Luke 1; and possibly/probably Matthew 1.


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