I.  They Watched… Luke 2:8

II.  They Wondered

–  The Reassurance by the Angel of the Lord…  Luke 2:9,10

A group of shepherds – who were guarding their flocks the night of Jesus’ birth – saw both God’s frightening side and His comforting side.  An angel suddenly appeared, interrupting the night’s silence and darkness with his radiant glory.

The sight terrified those shepherds!

The angel quickly replaced their fear with joy as he made the staggering announcement that the Messiah their people had long waited on had come!

Today, we tend to picture angels as cute, cuddly, harmless little cherubs… something like Cupid.  These angels did bring the best news the world had ever heard, but those shepherds felt awe and terror at seeing them… followed by great joy at what they had to say.

That’s really the only appropriate reaction when a man of faith has a real encounter with the living God.

–  The Revelation by the Angel of the Lord

*  God’s Son…  Luke 2:11

*  God’s Sign…  Luke 2:12

–  The Rejoicing by the Angels of the Lord… Luke 2:13,14

III.  They Worshiped… Luke 2:15,16

IV.  They Witnessed

–  The Confirming… Luke 2:17,18,20

–  The Contemplating… Luke 2:19

If a child were to be born into a royal family today, there would be no end to the list of dignitaries that would be expected to visit the family and congratulate them.  But when Jesus, the King of kings was born, the only people who received the announcement were some lowly shepherds who might be compared to field hands today.

Because of the nature of their work, shepherds were often considered dirty, low-class, uncivilized people in Bible times.  Their full-time job – night and day – was to look after their flocks of sheep or goats, leading them to pasture and water and away from danger.  At times, they even acted as the doorway to their sheep pens by sleeping across the opening.

It was to such people – and ONLY to such people – that the angels announced Jesus’ birth.  The angels appeared to them and told them where they could find the Child – and the shepherds responded in faith… and went.  After they visited Jesus and His family, the shepherds returned to their fields, praising God for all they had seen and telling everyone they met about what they had seen.


Thankfully, God’s measure of human worth has little in common with how we measure people.  We tend to value appearance… and status… and wealth… and power,  God doesn’t seem swayed by these things.  God regarded the presence of some lowly shepherds as fitting honor for the birth of His only Son, the King of kings.

You are of more value than you sometimes consider yourself to be!

So are those around you!!

You can read the shepherds’ story in Luke 2:8-20.


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